200 years Tevan. Tevan® was established in 1816 and started with the production of cleaning products and disinfectants in 1978. The last 40 years, Tevan® has managed to establish itself as a leading producer through continual innovation and perfecting our products and processes. Tevan® is where professional cleaning begins.

Tevan® Carefree Clean

Tevan® is the manufacturer of cleaning products and disinfectants. Our very complete and sophisticated assortment of high‐quality products ensures a wide range of applications that meet every need. Every surface that needs to be spotless can be quickly and efficiently cleaned or disinfected with products that more than meet the demands of national and international laws and regulations. De Tevan® products do not harm the surfaces to be treated, do not pose any danger and, when properly processed, do not cause any health risks. The special approvals and quality labels of Tevan® products guarantee a safe work area. The Tevan® products not only work with you, but really work for you.

Tevan® products are the professional choice for:

  • Water treatment, Legionella control & disinfection
  • Sports & Recreation (Recron TOP‐supplier)
  • Cleaning companies
  • Hospitality industry
  • Food & Non-food industry
  • Government facilities
  • Healthcare
  • Automotive

Tevan’s strength is founded on our rich history, a strong vision for the future and committed employees. Our core values continue to be guided by our 200‐years old principle to “complete every case and every transaction to everyone’s satisfaction”.


Tevan’s rich history makes the company and her people what they are today. We do not know the meaning of “impossible”. All our efforts are driven by determination, perseverance and passion for our work.


New ideas often first arise in conversation with our clients. They help us develop innumerable products to make their work easier. That is why we always carefully listen to our clients, take note of their needs and observe the requirements of the market as a whole.


Testing and measuring are at the basis of prospective new formulas or novel products. We offer the assurance of tested product security by making extensive testing by independent labs part of our product development. Ultimately, tests and customer reviews are the decisive factors that finally help transform a challenge into a result.


The transition from the development stage to production is made. We decide upon quantities and packaging. Depending on your wishes and requirements, we can design your own label or even offer wide‐ranging exclusivity. The result of our common endeavours can now be translated into a new source of profit for you.