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Disinfection 2.0

The future of the new disinfection has already begun

Responsible agents with special authorizations and Kiwa ATA certification

To explain the necessity for disinfection would be redundant. That disinfecting is all about limiting risks is no news to you. But we can tell you that although you take good measure to combat bacteria there are smarter and more conscious methods that are much safer, more efficient and more effective. The Tevan® Panox family is designed to meet the demands of new and near future laws and regulations. Nowadays on European level is examined and decided what is and is not good for us we can’t rely on traditional means and methods that are irresponsible for our environment. You can’t accept unnecessary danger and pose risk to your environment when you are intending to protect your environment form harmful bacteria, viruses etc. The solution is a specially developed composition of hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid, kept stable and secure through a sophisticated formula. Completely self-acting with the only residual water and oxygen, more efficient, safer and more conscious does not exist.


Today’s world demands safe and environmentally-conscious products. The Panox® product family meets this demand.


The future teaches us otherwise!

Tasty toxic...

Chlorine has no future. Why…? Recent research supported what we already know. The negative effects of chlorine are too strong. Laws are already increasingly broad adjusted accordingly. The demand for responsible and acceptable alternatives is growing. Tevan® has the solution already available to you.


Effective, but...

Required overuse

To be honest, it works. Unfortunately, you have too much of effort to achieve a good result. Efficiency differs. Then also risk comes into play such as an unsafe work environment by the intoxicating fumes and high flammability. Yet generally accepted though. But asbestos has been too…


Safe residual!

Yes, now we're getting somewhere!

The future. Without water and air we wouldn’t exist. What if we can prove that the only residual after disinfection is “Water & Air” and the results will amaze you and transcend traditional means. And thus we can guarantee a safe clean and hygienic environment. What would you do?

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Disinfectants with future.

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Admission nr: 13654 N

Kiwa ATA K83315

Highly concentrated disinfectant – Intended for disinfecting surfaces, equipment, use-objects, pipes, tubes, tanks and spaces. For use in public health, drinking water industry, swimming pools, veterinary, food and feed area.

Desinfectie drinkwater kraan-met-leidingKiwa

Tevan Panox 1816

Admission nr: 13655N

Kiwa ATA K83315

Concentrated disinfectant – Suitable for disinfection of all water-resistant surfaces, equipment and piping systems. Applicable in washrooms, hospitality, recreation, health care, food processing, veterinary, water systems, etc.

Desinfectie drinkwater kraan-met-leidingKiwa


Tevan Panox 300

Admission nr: 14798 N

Kiwa ATA K83315/02

Ready to use disinfectant – Suitable for disinfection of all water-resistant surfaces, equipment and piping systems. Based on hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid.



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