Facility services

You facilitate in clean and hygienic surroundings. Nobody knows better than you that the best results can only be achieved by using the right products, proper methods, clear work instructions and effective work schedules. Tevan® gladly assists you in meeting these daily challenges. We specialise in the efficient use of resources and the best possible use of the scarce time available in your work area. You can achieve outstanding results and ensure that your client remains your client by offering uniformity and simplicity to the people you are responsible for. Tevan® assists you in obtaining the best results. We ensure that you work with the best products, proper methods, clear work instructions and effective work schedules. We take care of training operational staff and the timely delivery of the right cleaning products and disinfectants. We unburden you helping you shoulder the responsibility from the beginning of the production process up to the store cupboard on site.
Working together for carefree cleanliness.


We know that time is money in the cleaning sector in particular. Efficiency is the number one priority in an increasingly competitive market where the pressure on prices continues to grow. Better results in less time are your concern and our challenge. Tevan® knows a solution to every problem. We also understand our customers’ need to win clients through added value. But how do you communicate added value to clients who think of cleaning more as a necessity than a virtue? There is a simple answer to this question: performance is the main challenge.

Together Everyone Achieves More. The different levels of support we can supply make up the added value that we can offer you. We do not limit ourselves to the supply of products alone in our efforts to help you achieve your wished‐for results. In addition to providing the right products, we also offer you a range of tools to achieve better results in less time, that is: proper methods, clear work instructions and work schedules. This is how we can help you remain one step ahead. If needed, we can train operational staff and ensure proper support during the whole trajectory too; we are always there to answer your questions and help you face challenges. The added value we provide, serves to enhance the added value you can offer to your clients.

Measurable results
Together with you, we first map the work activities and focus areas identified by your client. A methodical evaluation of the current situation will help us know exactly where we stand. This will be our departure point for target‐oriented solutions. We provide result measurements from the moment our action plan become operational to substantiate the achieved time and cost savings.

Results achieved in the past…
To maintain the desired level of service, our field specialists are always there to support you by measuring results. It is necessary to keep a finger on the pulse, even after taking the appropriate products into operation. In this way, we can prevent the decline of your results and continue to keep your clients satisfied.


Would you like to broaden your services? Make use of our market expertise and the full range of our products.

Motivation & results

Both are inextricably linked. Satisfied employees contribute to results. The right products and clear and uniform work methods ensure that your employees are satisfied with the product, the time allotted to them and the achieved results.

How to prepare work properly

To achieve results, you need expertise. Only trained employees know how to realize the wished‐for results. When you know what is expected of you, and how to go about it, you can perform your tasks with confidence. This is why Tevan® offers you the possibility to train your staff. Working together for carefree cleanliness.

The certainty of carefree clean.

Each surface to clean can be measurable clean. The Tevan® products with its special authorizations and certifications are proven resources. All our products are tested extensively and every batch undergoes a quality control process to give you the certainty of carefree clean. The Tevan® products do not only work with you but for you.

A sophisticated range of proven products.

  • Did you know that the prevention of method errors and applying clear work instructions can annually save a lot of money.