Clean and hygienic surroundings are of vital importance to your sector. Nobody knows the hidden dangers better than you. Clean surroundings do not guarantee hygienic conditions. The daily care of patients should not be endangered by surroundings that look clean but do not qualify as hygienic. Professional disinfection and cleaning require the right products, proper methods and clear work instructions. You provide good healthcare, Tevan® gives you the assurance of carefree cleanliness.


In the healthcare sector, disinfectants are essential and indispensable. Objects, surfaces and surgical instruments should not become sources of contamination by micro‐organisms. Elimination is the key to keeping the premises as clean as possible. Contamination sources can take on many forms and you can only prevent it by eliminating as many sources of contamination as possible. Clean and hygienic surroundings provide a proper basis for your work.

Chemical disinfection of surfaces
You daily deal with the chemical disinfection of surfaces and perhaps you have at times wondered whether the traditional products are sufficiently effective, which harmful sideeffects their use may have and what this means for your safety. The use of alcohol as a disinfectant is relatively safe when it is just used for smaller surfaces and in small doses. The intoxicating and highly inflammable alcohol fumes can cause health and safety risks. Bigger surfaces are therefore usually cleaned with chlorine compounds. Poisonous chlorine gasses and increasing corrosiveness are, however, some of the drawbacks of using chlorine compounds. It is possible to save costs by safeguarding people and preventing material corrosion. And we also have a responsibility towards the environment. This is the major incentive for the development of the Tevan® Panox® product family. Environmentally-friendly alternatives like hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid are better for the environment, fast acting and do not leave a residue. After processing, they only produce water and oxygen as by-product.

Area disinfection
To completely disinfect an area usually requires a rather labour-intensive approach. First, the area needs to be thoroughly cleaned and, subsequently, the same deployment of staff is needed to disinfect the area. It is a challenge to achieve measurable and perfect disinfection results, and it is also very expensive due to the inefficient deployment of man-hours. The “fogging” method has been developed to achieve perfectly disinfected premises while deploying less staff. It results in perfectly disinfected premises while deploying less staff, thus achieving substantial cost savings. Would you like to find out exactly how it works? Please don’t hesitate to request a product demonstration on site. You will find out everything about this efficient method and observe the measurable results yourself.


Today’s world demands safe and environmentally-conscious products. The Panox® product family meets this demand.


The elimination of risks is of primary importance to the healthcare sector. Clean and hygienic surroundings are a vital concern. This goal can be achieved most efficiently with the use of the right products, proper methods and clear work instructions. You can depend on our expertise to address the elimination of risks as effectively as possible. Together with you, we map the risks and provide work instructions tailored to your surroundings. The training of staff is an important component of our approach, as is the periodical survey of the situation. With continuous checks and result measurements and analysis, you can be assured of carefree clean surroundings. Tevan® can support you in this.


It is your task to ensure good healthcare. Tevan® gives you have one less thing to worry about by ensuring clean and hygienic surroundings.

Area disinfection

Halofogger i.c.m. Tevan® Panox® has made cost savings and more efficient disinfection a fact. The deployment of staff can never achieve what the Halofogger mist can accomplish: this mist spreads all through the area that needs disinfecting and reaches even the smallest and most difficult to reach spots. Its reach and optimised use of time together ensure better results and significantly reduced costs. In addition, this method also reduces the danger of contamination to as much as 66 %.

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Great gains can be made through good hygiene: it is one of the important factors that affect proper healing after an operation. We can offer you the right support in achieving cleanliness & hygiene to bolster patient safety and, in due course, higher cure rates too.

These far‐reaching observations concern the most straightforward aspect of your work area. Wound infections are good indicators of hygiene. When they occur relatively often, it is vital to put additional measures in place. Nobody knows better than you that all aspects need to be coordinated and should not give rise to additional concerns. Tevan® is glad to help you by offering the assurance of clean and hygienic surroundings.

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