Your business daily contributes to society. The assurance of clean and hygienic premises is part of your end product. With so much at stake, nothing should be allowed to put your continuity in danger. All facets of your business should be in order to provide a solid foundation for the products and services offered by you. Tevan® can support you in this.


Clean and hygienic premises are of primary importance to every kind of industry. As every accomplished entrepreneur knows; the delivery of products and services to the world involves a great deal of responsibility. The fact that continuity demands the right mix of products, however, is a
lesser known, yet vital aspect of maintaining a clean and hygienic work area. Tevan® is glad to help you with this important aspect of your work area. We can advise you about the right products, proper methods and clear work instructions that help maintain carefree clean premises. In this way, you can concentrate on the products and service you offer.

Non stop
The continuity of production is based on clean and hygienic premises. Your business will flourish when you no longer need to worry about this aspect of your activities. As an entrepreneur, all aspects that determine the price and quality of your end product are part of your day‐to‐day considerations. Tevan® can help you balance price and quality considerations by finding ways to save time and money.

A clean conscience
The introduction of new laws and regulations for entrepreneurs has made socially responsible entrepreneurship even more relevant than before. The placement of your products and services in the market is subject to strict control and increased supply means that your customers will apply more stringent criteria too. Tevan® products ensure that you can achieve all hygiene objectives. The special approval and certification of Tevan® products are part and parcel of socially responsible entrepreneurship.


Today’s world demands safe and environmentally‐conscious products. The Panox® product family
meets this demand.


Your machines need lubricants like industrial oils and greases to continue functioning properly. Lubricants often end up in places where you would rather not have them. Vegetable oil and animal fat also needs to be removed regularly to keep the production process clean, hygienic and safe for co‐workers and end consumers. It is therefore important that you can rely on the effectiveness of industrial degreasers. If you provide us with the details of your situation, we can supply the right solution for you.

Carefree flushing…

It is not possible to prevent bio film formation in pipes and tanks for the transportation, production or storage of food. Proper cleaning and disinfection is therefore of major importance to prevent health risks. Tevan® is glad to help you with eliminating potential risks to your business. Guaranteed clean and hygienic premises contribute to your earnings. The effective deployment of time and money to ensure consistently high quality requires expertise. By pooling our expertise with yours, all aspects of your business will yield returns. Tevan® can help you by sharing our expertise in maintaining carefree clean and hygienic premises.

Cleaning and disinfecting pipes should not, of course, cause additional contamination. The special approval and certification of the Tevan® Panox® product family makes it your proven solution. Fully self-acting in removing organic contamination (bio film) and Legionella from drinking water facilities and pipe systems.

Does not produce harmful degradation products and does not leave any residue when used properly.

The specialist in industrial cleaning & disinfection

Products especially developed for your sector.

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