The Tevan® Carefree Clean Concept

This revolutionary concept breaks up with all traditional methods. Why…? Because with all existing agents that are to be used by enormously amounts of different methods we can’t be surprised that method failures occur on a daily basis. Failure leads to loosing time and money, 2 of the most precious resources in our course to have a successful business. This simple reason has driven us to develop a sophisticated product along with a simple method that prevents us all from making the same mistakes again and again. Method failures and excessive use of product results in loss of time, money and is very harmful for our surroundings. The drive to save time, money and protecting our environment has lead to a groundbreaking revolution; The Tevan® Carefree Clean Concept, along with a product that exceeds cleaning results of all existing products, doesn’t leave residual of detergents and after use falls apart in CO2, water and oxygen. All natural inhabitants of our atmosphere.


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