Veterinary Industry

You need to prevent the risk of infection to render your work area safe. There is a lot at stake. You can eliminate infection risks by maintaining clean and hygienic premises. You are in control of all inhouse factors. Tevan® is glad to help you with keeping your work area clean and hygienic. To do this as efficiently as possible, you need the right products, proper methods and clear and feasible work instructions and schedules. Tevan® can provide you with these and help you ensure your business income, so you can do what you do best. Together with you, we can map all necessary activities, identify risks and provide a plan of action tailor‐made to your work area. Working together for carefree cleanliness.


The risks posed by micro‐organisms have to be eradicated. By exterminating harmful microorganisms you prevent disease and, as a result, lessen the use of expensive antibiotics. The use of chlorine or alcohol causes too many unwanted effects. Poisonous chlorine gasses and intoxicating and highly inflammable alcohol fumes render these old‐fashioned products unsuitable as disinfectants. Thankfully, governments have also become more and more aware of this and are slowly adjusting their laws and regulations. You need smarter disinfectants for the animals that visit your premises and for the people that work there. To fulfil this demand, Tevan® developed smarter, safer disinfectants. The Tevan® Panox® product family offers a new, safe disinfectant based on hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid that allows you to achieve better results and gives you the assurance of a safe and clean work area for people and animals. Tevan® Panox® is fully self‐acting and only produces water and oxygen as by‐product: there is nothing safer.

Clean is good, but hygiene is better
To succeed in your branch, it is vital to maintain a clean and hygienic work area. Because your work area for the most part consists of big surfaces, you need to be able to rely on products that not only work with you, but also work for you. Tevan® is glad to help you achieve this by supporting the efficient deployment of time and resources.


Today’s world demands safe and environmentally‐conscious products. The Panox® product family meets this demand.

Avian Influenza

It is difficult to prevent airborne infections, but with some extra effort it is possible to control other, preventable occurrences. Maintaining clean and hygienic premises is a primary concern. The right products, proper methods and clear work instructions make this task easier and ensure better results: this is the added value Tevan® can offer you. Working together for carefree cleanliness.

The infirmary

To prevent risks, sick animals need to be temporarily housed in the infirmary. To exterminate all risks after this area has been vacated again, it is essential to thoroughly clean and disinfect it. We are glad to help you by providing proper work instructions for a targeted and efficient approach that saves on labour costs and your most precious resource: time.

Area disinfection

Halofogger i.c.m. Tevan® Panox® has made cost savings and more efficient disinfection a fact. The deployment of staff can never achieve what the Halofogger mist can accomplish: this mist spreads all through the area that needs disinfecting and reaches even the smallest and most difficult to reach spots. Together, its reach and optimised use of time ensure better results and significantly reduced costs. In addition, this method also reduces the danger of contamination to as much as 66 %.

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