Drinking water

Clean drinking water is of prime importance in our daily life. In many parts of the world, people have to do without it. Tevan has therefore dedicated itself to globally support the Dutch standard for clean drinking water with innovative, environmentally‐friendly products like the Panox® product family. A clean environment is the first step towards clean drinking water.


Cleaning and disinfecting are part of the maintenance regulations for each individual aspect of the water chain. A clean start is the first step towards clean water. Over time, the filter bed, pipes and filters of a source can become very soiled by, among other things, calcium, iron and manganese deposits. Tenacious micro‐biological contaminations also cause problems. Tevan® has developed special products to deal with these problems.

Clean is good, but hygiene is better
Reservoirs, pal rings, nozzles, etc., can also become rather soiled over time. And, as can be said of most systems: the chain is as strong as its weakest link. Hygiene therefore requires constant attention. All Tevan® products used in the water industry to clean and disinfect water are free from aromatic substances and colouring agents that could negatively affect the quality of water.

Hygiene also has an important role to play in the installation of transport pipelines. These have to be hygienically installed and delivered. Bacteriological contamination can be prevented and removed with disinfectants from the Tevan® range for the drinking water industry.

Safe water from the tap
Clean water is delivered up until the water meter. From the water meter onwards, it is the property manager’s responsibility to provide safe water up until the tapping point. This is usually not a problem, except when the nasty Legionella bacterium is involved. Once a higher than legally permitted percentage of Legionella bacteria is detected, it is clear that preventative measures have failed. This kind of situation requires curative measures. Tevan® provides several ways to treat pipes.

Problems are there to be solved
Please feel free to look around the site or contact Tevan® to discuss the possibilities. With our range of products, auxiliary materials and equipment, you will be able to bring and keep your situation under control and ensure that everybody can continue to enjoy clean and pure drinking water.


Today’s world demands safe and environmentally‐conscious products. The Panox® product family meets this demand.

A long way to go…

Water travels an endless way to reach us. It is a big challenge to supply guaranteed clean and pure water. The trajectory of purified as well as polluted water needs to be clean and reliable. Tevan® has committed itself to this goal for many years and with great success. We feel that it is a great honour to be able to make a real contribution to ensuring that the drinking water we all use every day, conforms to our Dutch quality standard. We strive to share these standards, which all of us perceive as “normal”, with the rest of the world.


The products for the drinking water industry marketed by Tevan® meet the highest demands. Special approvals and certifications ensure that our product is safe and environmentally friendly. In addition to the high standard set by monitoring authorities, we have developed our own continuous quality controls during the production process. Thus, we can offer you the assurance of carefree cleanliness.

Evidently, the cleaning and disinfecting of pipes should not cause additional contamination. The special approval and certification of the Tevan® Panox® product family makes it your proven solution. Fully self‐acting in removing organic contamination (bio film) and Legionella from drinking water facilities and pipe systems.

Does not produce harmful degradation products and does not leave any residue when used properly.

The “must-haves” for the water industry

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